Special Education Resources

SEED DC’s Special Education Department is committed to improving student achievement and to open the door to attend college by:

  • Ensuring students have the support necessary so that they can access the general education curriculum and meet academic standards by providing targeted, specialized academic and behavioral instruction in settings that address the student's disabilities and meet the needs of individual students.

  • Communicating and collaborating with all staff as they implement research-based methods to positively impact students’ academic and behavioral progress.

  • Providing expanded support to improve student self-advocacy with regard to their disabilities and to help students take advantage of opportunities tailored to their individual interests and needs.

SEED DC is committed to improving academic and social skills of students with disabilities by developing, implementing, and monitoring Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) primarily through a combination general education and special education setting. In addition, IEP goals are addressed through:

  • Ongoing parent involvement, interaction, and communication

  • Multi-disciplinary evaluations and eligibility determinations

  • Annual IEP reviews of students’ progress

  • Co-taught English and math classes by highly qualified special education teachers

  • Self-contained classes for middle school students

  • Resource/ pull-out support both during the academic day and during the Student Life program

  • Related services provided by licensed and qualified providers (speech/language therapy, Behavior Support Services (including counseling), occupational therapy, or other services deemed necessary by the MDT)

  • The use of appropriate accommodations and interventions

  • Behavior Intervention Plans

  • Small group study zones

  • The use of assistive technology

The services and support may vary year to year depending on student needs.

Notice of Procedural Safeguards - Rights of Parents of Students with Disabilities

SEED’s Special Education Policy and Procedures Manual can be found in the Student Parent Handbook. If you have questions related to special education services at SEED PCS, please contact Sherita Wallace-Reid, Director of Student Support Services, at (202) 248-7773 x5046 or at swallace@seedschooldc.org, or Kevin Bouknight, Special Education Coordinator, at (202) 248-7773 x5118, or at kbouknight@seedschooldc.org.