We believe in…

College-Bound Culture 

SEED provides students with the academic, organizational, and life skills that enable them to attend and graduate from college. 


A 24-Hour Learning Environment 

SEED commits to keeping every student safe and secure, to using the gift of time, and to providing fulfilling academic and life experiences. 


Positive Culture of High Expectations 

SEED students and staff are expected to relentlessly pursue excellence and to consistently exhibit the SEED core values 


Integrated & Engaging Program to Foster Love of Learning 

SEED helps each student find his or her passion through academics, enrichment programs, social/emotional supports, and authentic experiences. 


Individual Student Support 

SEED commits to targeted student support and coordinated communication between student, parents and practitioners. 


Focus On Data & Continuous Improvement 

SEED school use assessments and data analysis to show students their own progress and to keep practitioners focused and accountable. 


Recruiting & Nurturing Outstanding Educators 

SEED school commit to hiring exceptional adults, and to supporting them so that they can better guide the achievement and success of SEED students. 


Family & School Partnership 

SEED collaborates with families to support the success of SEED students. 


Community Relationships 

SEED is committed to establishing relationships with community organizations to enhance the college readiness process for SEED students.

Portrait of a seed Graduate

SEED’s primary mission is to prepare students for success in college and beyond. In order to achieve this goal, we must establish a clearly defined set of expectations and opportunities which firmly place our students on a path to college completion. We are addressing this challenge by building a Portrait of a SEED Graduate— a shared vision of the skills and attitudes we want our students to have when they graduate from SEED and the experiences to help us achieve the vision. The Portrait is designed to encompass an authentic and experiential approach to developing these essential skills in our students. We believe the process of learning through experience teaches students the competencies and skills they need for real-world success.

Click here to view the Portrait of a SEED Graduate.