The Counseling Team works with students, staff, and families to support students’ social emotional needs, so students are available for learning during the school day and are able to successfully navigate the boarding program. The Counseling Team is based on the campus of SEED DC, and services are available to all enrolled students on an as-needed basis. 
The Counseling Team’s services include:

  • Individual and group counseling
  • Social, emotional, and behavioral supports and interventions
  • Crisis intervention
  • Parent consultation
  • Consultation with SEED staff
  • Providing families with outside referrals

Referral forms can be completed online by completing the Parent Referral Form. Students may self-refer for counseling. Parents/guardians, teachers, Student Life staff, along with any other SEED DC staff member can also refer a student for counseling. The Counseling Team will follow up on all referrals within two weeks.

If you have any question regarding counseling services or would like to submit or follow up on a referral, please contact Stacey Pearl, Director of Student Support Services at (202) 248-7773 x3015 or at