Students are at the heart of everything we do!

Students are at the heart of everything we do!

Welcome to The SEED School of Washington, D.C. Parent Teacher Student Association! 

Welcome to the SEED PTSA 2016 - 2017 school year. The PTSA would like to welcome back all of the returning SEED families, and introduce ourselves to the new SEED families! 

The PTSA serves as the voice of the SEED parents and we are one of the liaisons between the SEED faculty and SEED parents.  Through our many events and fundraisers, we are able to support our activities, provide each graduate with a monetary gift upon graduation, assist parents with supplies (when we are financially able), as well as partner with the SEED School with SEED events.   

In order to continue the PTSA’s mission we need parent participation and involvement.  It is essential to the growth and productivity of the PTSA that parents join and become active members! 

Joining the PTSA has never been easier!  We are happy to inform you that we now take credit/debit cards at the PTSA meetings and online.  

Upcoming Events

Here is the revised submission.  Thanks you so much!

Happy February SEED Parents, Teachers, Scholars, Family, and Friends! 

The PTSA 4th Annual National School Choice Week Family Fun Day took place on Friday, January 27, 2017, 3:00 – 6:00PM in the Cafeteria.   We always celebrate Family Fun Day with good old fashioned table games such as Connect Four, Uno, Pictionary, etc., with pizza, soft drinks, snacks and fun for everyone!    For the 4th consecutive year, Catherine Robinson organized a fantastic event!  We had over seventy-five (75) Scholars, Parents, Teachers and Family Members in attendance.   A fun time was had by all!   Thank you for Volunteering Jannie Seegers, Kalayah Brown, and Daphne Miminger!    Please go to the PTSA page on the SEED website to see the pictures!

On Monday, January 23, 2017, the PTSA was informed that the SEED School would no longer be able to use Title I Funds to pay for food for PTSA events.      During our regularly scheduled PTSA General Membership Meeting on Tuesday, January 24, 2017, we discussed this new development and how we would move forward in light of this new information. Not a Problem!!   The Parents, Teachers, Family and Friends in attendance voted that going forward the PTSA would take donations to pay for Pizza.  Immediately after the PTSA Meeting, Parents and Families discussed the Title I program and began researching the Title I program.    Title I, we discovered states “…Schools must create a targeted parental involvement plan with associated activities such as family engagement night”.   The Family Fun Day is the epitome of a family engagement [day]!!

What is truly phenomenal is that our Parents, Teachers and Families rallied together and within three (3) days donated $350.00 to pay for the Pizza, soft drinks, and snacks for the Family Fun Day!

Special thanksand sincere gratitude to the following SEED Parents, Family, and Teachers:  Indian Brown, $10.00;  Kimberly Clark-Price, $20.00;  Lauren Fraser, $50.00;  Chakita Jenkins, $60.00; Jannie  Seegars, $100.00;  Jama Siyad, $10.00;  Melissa Thornton, $50.00; Cynthia Thornton-Ashton, $50.00; Renee White, $40.00;  and Janine Valentine for donating soda, chips, cookies, and wash clothes for the Dorms.

PTSA February Events

The next PTSA General Membership Meeting is Sunday, February 26, 2017, in the SEED Cafeteria.  We will have the first meeting for the “Best of the Besties BFF Ball” immediately after the PTSA General Membership Meeting.    If you would like to make a donation for Pizza, please contact Gaby L. Fraser, at 202.487.3438 or via e-mail at  If you have an upcoming Event you would like to announce and share with the SEED Family, please send the information to be included in the PTSA Agenda.  Dinner will be served.

PLEASE NOTE:   The next Box Top submission deadline is March 1, 2017.    SEED will receive ten cents ($0.10) for each Box Top submitted!!   We only have twenty-one (21) days left!   Please bring in your Box Tops!  

Thank you and have a wonderful February 2017!

Gaby L. Fraser, PTSA President

Highlights from PTSA 4th Annual National School Choice Week Family Fun Day (January 27, 2017):

Highlights from the 2nd Annual PTSA Masquerade Costume Ball:

I am extremely busy with family, work, friends and just life. However, I know I can squeeze in just two volunteer hours to help the school! After these two hours, that's it--I'm through for the year!