A Message from the Head of School: Our Commitment to School Safety

Dear SEED DC Family,


It has come to the School’s attention of a potential weapon on school premises. I want to share with you the steps we took and are taking to ensure school safety. The school initiated multiple searches, conducted a thorough investigation and found a toy that was thought to be a weapon; no actual weapon was found.  The SEED Public Charter School’s School Resource Officers (SROs) were contacted. They were provided all relevant information and have performed their own investigation.


It is the School’s responsibility to provide a safe learning environment for our scholars, and we will do everything in our power to protect them. Please be advised that the SEED Public Charter School proactively seeks to protect our community, takes any and all accusations seriously and acts accordingly. Please be assured that we will follow up with families if there is any additional information to share.


Thank you for your partnership with The SEED Public Charter School of Washington, D.C.



 Mecha Inman

Head of School