Peanut/Nut-Free Campus Alert

November 28, 2018


Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s),

This letter is to inform you that many scholars in our school have life-threatening peanut/nut allergies.  Strict avoidance of peanut/nut products is the only way to prevent a life-threatening allergic reaction. If exposed to peanuts/nuts, a scholar may develop a life-threatening allergic reaction that requires emergency medical treatment.


The greatest potential for exposure at school is to have peanut products and nut products on campus.  We are asking your assistance in providing our scholars with a safe learning environment. To reduce the risk of exposure we need your help to minimize the risk by:


a)     Avoiding giving or allowing scholars to bring food to campus with nuts 

b)     Asking scholars to not share food they bring to campus


Due to the severity of the problem, it is important that all parents/guardians and scholars carry out the suggested measures to reduce the risk of allergic reaction.


In addition, The SEED School dining hall along with specific spaces around campus will be nut- free moving forward. Signs will be posted identifying nut-free spaces.


We thank you for your partnership.



Stacey Pearl

Assistant Head of School