SEED DC Inclement Weather Policy

In the event that severe weather is anticipated in the DC metropolitan area, The SEED Public Charter School of Washington, D.C. (“SEED DC”) Administrators will review all available information and determine if an immediate school closing is necessary. Our decision to close or remain open is not determined by guidelines used by DC Public Schools or by the Federal Government. During these times we will however take into consideration the overall safety of our students, the predicted time of the storm, any known weather conditions that could impede travel for SEED DC staff and parents, as well as the feasibility of a power outage on campus. Once a decision is reached, we will communicate with families by phone (through our automated system), email,  website posting, Facebook, Twitter, and/or Network TV. We may also use the automated phone system to communicate the process and timeline for checking students back into campus.

Please continue to monitor local news and our website for updates on weather conditions, school closures and delays.

Thank you for your flexibility and understanding.  We are aiming to limit the number of cancelled school days in order to maximize instruction and learning. Thank you for your continued partnership and dedication to your child’s educational experience.

 Be safe!