Students are at the heart of everything we do!

Students are at the heart of everything we do!

Welcome to The SEED School of Washington, D.C. Parent Teacher Student Association! 

Welcome to the SEED PTSA 2016 - 2017 school year. The PTSA would like to welcome back all of the returning SEED families, and introduce ourselves to the new SEED families! 

The PTSA serves as the voice of the SEED parents and we are one of the liaisons between the SEED faculty and SEED parents.  Through our many events and fundraisers, we are able to support our activities, provide each graduate with a monetary gift upon graduation, assist parents with supplies (when we are financially able), as well as partner with the SEED School with SEED events.   

In order to continue the PTSA’s mission we need parent participation and involvement.  It is essential to the growth and productivity of the PTSA that parents join and become active members! 

Joining the PTSA has never been easier!  We are happy to inform you that we now take credit/debit cards at the PTSA meetings and online.  We are now in the middle of our Early Membership Drive.   If you join the PTSA now, your will only pay twenty ($20.00) dollars!  The regular fee of twenty-five ($25.00) resumes in September 2016.  

Upcoming Events

Our next event is our annual fundraiser, the 2nd Annual Masquerade Ball on October 20th, from 7-10 pm. Please RSVP to Gaby Fraser to attend this great event!

We're very excited to share recent news and upcoming events with all SEED DC parents! If you have any questions for us, please contact the PTSA President, Gaby Fraser, at

The PTSA holds meetings and events throughout the year! Download our calendar to see the full schedule.

I am extremely busy with family, work, friends and just life. However, I know I can squeeze in just two volunteer hours to help the school! After these two hours, that's it--I'm through for the year!